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Before finalizing our menu of tapas and small plates, we sampled a bevy of delicacies from every corner of our delicious island and country. From melt-in-your-mouth Cantabrian anchovies “00” to crumbly artisanal cheeses and acorn-fed Iberian ham, only the most superlative delicacies passed our rigorous taste test! The result is an informal yet sophisticated menu which will leave gourmands spoilt for choice. In fact, even the most decisive foodies will experience prolonged moments of indecision before settling on what to feast.
Tuna From The Land Restaurant 2
Tuna From The Land Restaurant

Only the finest regional ingredients and expertly purveyed charcuterie and conservas are used to create our Mediterranean-inspired and carefully curated menu. A wonderful showcase of local delicatessens and tiny producers, the menu includes Can Butxaca ice-cream and Xeixa wheat flour bread. In fact, you may well meet during your visit the farmer who hauls in crates of delicious fresh produce every morning. Our breakfast menu and daily specials revolve around ingredients which come from his organic farm, located 1 km from the hotel.

The thoughtfully selected wines on our list are all expertly produced by small wineries in the region.

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